Saturday, April 13, 2013

Lap Quilt needs a home :)

if you have been reading
my StitcheryJen blog,
you will know
that I need to find homes
for some of the many "samples"
that I have left over
from my shop days.
Have a look over here
'cos it explains it all :)
....this is a sweet little lap quilt
I made quite a few years ago,
when I was in Geraldine,
from a range of Yenter fabrics.
I remember it was about the time
that blended quilts
seemed to be very popular
and I made the quilt
using a piece of each fabric
that was in the range.
The quilt measures 53'' square
and if memory serves me well,
the batting is woollen.
Really soft pretty colours.
It's never been used,
other than for display.
Email if you are interested:)
See you,
Jenny :)