Saturday, October 27, 2012

Soft and Sweet

Inspired by the lovely late spring colours
in my garden,
I poked my nose into my sewing room today,
for the first time in weeks.
Was looking for a new stitchy project
in those sweet soft flowery colours.
While I was looking for the bits and pieces
I needed,
I found some extra bits and pieces.
They looked so lovely together,
I thought you might like them too:)
There's a fabulous Woodcutters Daughter screenprint,
gorgeous Cottage Garden threads,
(I know how much you all like these:)
a little linen and lace bag,
and lavender heart
(made by moi),
white French linen,
cute spotty buttons,
and and little spool of delicious pink ribbon.
And besides,
it's been far far too long
since we've had a giveaway :)
if you like the look of this little bundle of treasures,
leave a wee comment here,
or over on my Facebook page,
or leave one on both
and double your chances:)
I'm off to start my stitching:)
See you

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Stitchery Sale

A quick post to let you know,
about the last two days of sale,
over on
The Stitchery's
website -
Not sure if my emailed newsletter has been delivered,
as we are having major hiccups with Orcon,
so thought I would let you know this way.
Check it out -
two more days,
then all finished:)
See you,