Friday, June 29, 2012

Another one? :)

last week I told you about
one of the things that made me go
weak at the knees :)
There are a couple of other things
that have a similar effect,
but hey,
a girl's gotta have some secrets :)
got me thinking...
it's kinda fun giving ''stuff'' away,
so I'd love to do it again,
and this time
all you gotta do
is leave a comment
or there,
or over on my facebook page,
it doesn't matter,
and tell us
what makes you go weak at the knees :)

The child will do the honours again,
in about a weeks' time.
See you
Jenny :)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The winner is...

He's done it -
pulled the name out of the hat,
and the winner is....
I'll be popping a wee parcel
in the post
to you tomorrow,
Thanks so much to everyone who entered,
think I might do it again ...

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Roses and lace

I've just started to sort through another box
of my gorgeous vintage lace.
Had the ironing board set up
in the studio,
and was randomly pulling out
scrunched up pieces of lace from the box.
You could not tell what they were going to look like
until pressed.
weird as this is going to sound,
this lace really does make me go
weak at the knees :)
Some of these pieces are nothing short of

This box of lace was definitely the messiest
so I left it alone
until I felt in the right mood
for a spot of ironing...
seems like the best was left to the last...

... in amongst the lace
were some sweet little treasures...

... so, on a bit of a roll with antiquey stuff,
I've found some gorgeous old rose print fabrics
that I've popped into the studio ...

Last weeks giveaway was fun wasn't it:)
I've closed if off, now,
and later tonight
I'll pop all the names into a hat
and the child will pull out a winner.
Be back tomorrow with the name :)
Right now I'm off to pull some more lace
out of the box
and see what delights
See you

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fabric giveaway :)

                     I'd like to do a wee giveaway
of the fabric I showed you yesterday,
cos it really is so yummy :)
A fat quarter of each ...
and all you have to do is leave a comment,
''like'' my facebook page :)
if you've already done the ''liking'' bit,
that's perfectly fine,
all you gotta do is
the comment bit :)
And I think that I will most probably
find a few other bits and bobs
to add to the giveaway,
but they will be extra little surprises :)
See you

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Just plain gorgeous:)

Oh my goodness,
look what arrived today!
This ...

... and this ...

I'm pretty excited to see these fabrics,
'cos I've been waiting ever so patiently for them :)
There are supposed to be a few more coming as well,
just not entirely sure where they have gone,
but I do hope they turn up???
for now,
I will play with these,
and they sure do bring a smile
to my face
on an exceptionally
day down here in the south.
Want a closer look at them ....

These fabrics are truly divine -
they have that linen look
which is just plain gorgeous :)
I'm not greedy,
(except when it comes to chocolate!)
I'll make the ultimate sacrifice!!!
I will share :)
I've popped them on the web,
but I gotta be honest here,
I did whack a small piece off each of them for moi first!!!
Nah ... that's a big fat lie -
they're not small pieces,
as if:)
You didn't believe that anyway,
did you!
But there is still enough left to share :)
If you hurry :)
Before I change my mind :)
My great giddy aunt
it is so chilly down here today
that coffee and chocolate is just not going to sort it!
Think I will go stand by the fire for a little while
and ponder ....
See you

Friday, June 8, 2012

Just a few pics

Here's a wee peek
inside the studio
this week ....

Hearts and Roses ...

...teacups and lace ...

... imagine ...

... table linens ...

... and sweet little cards ...

Have a happy weekend,
keep warm,
especially to all you Canterbury girls :)
See you

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Really Pretty Pillowcases

Lately I've been seeing some absolutely fabulous pictures
of really pretty pillowcases
on some of the blogs I love to read.
A simple but oh so pretty
crochet edging has been added,
and plain pillowcases
are not so plain any more.
So I thought,
I would like to have a go at that,
so I did,
and this is what I got...

I've made these to sell in the studio,
but I think I have to make some more,
for me:)
Think I might make a start now.
Where's my hook?

The other night I lost my hook,
and without any exaggeration I looked for it for nearly an hour,
until it got too late
and I conceded defeat.
So I trundled upstairs to my bed,
quite annoyed with myself for somehow misplacing the hook,
and as I took off my slippers,
which are the long ugg boot type of thing
(hey - a girl's gotta wear whatever it takes
to keep her feet warm
in a Dunners winter:)
lo and behold,
what fell out,
the hook of course.
I had turned the lounge
upside down and inside out looking for that hook,
and all the while it was safely tucked
inside my slippers!!!
I will not repeat here
the thoughts that went through my mind
at that particular point in time :)
So where is my hook again?
See you later

Friday, June 1, 2012

Winter = mittens

I've been asked a couple of times ...
do I have the mittens for sale?
Well ...
I did knit a couple of extra pairs cos they were such fun,
there are a couple for sale
over here

It's a chilly but blue sky day down here today
and I am off to open the studio
and do a little crochet
and a little stitching
and a little more lace winding.
Not a bad way to spend the first day of winter
wouldn't you say :)
Have a happy day :)