Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas:)

I wish you a merry merry Christmas :)
It's been a bit nutty around here lately,
but I will be back,
next year,
with more goodies I'm sure.
Hope you all have a perfectly wonderful Christmas Day.
Thank you so much for stopping by here
over the past months.
It's been such fun:)
See you soon.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Christmas Goodies

I need to do a little Christmas stitching.
It's not too late, is it??
I'm thinking it might be,
but if I don't finish it this Christmas,
there's always another one:)
Was thinking you might like some Christmas goodies as well.
I had so much fun putting this bundle together.
There's  a couple of bits of fabric
 and a beautiful little piece
of spotted linen,
a chunk of red French General cotton sack cloth
(it's a bit hidden under the other stuff),
 lots of ribbons,
Christmas stitchery cards
and a quilt pattern.
There's a wee red felt pocket
and some pearl cotton.
Cute little gift cards,
and a gorgeous fabulous
Theodora Cleave "angel" decoration!

I love Christmas
and all the bits and pieces that go with it:)
Love to give these away:)
So, if you like,
leave a wee comment
and who knows,
they could be yours:)

See you,
Jenny :)


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Soft and Sweet Winner

We drew the winner this morning...
Rebecca K!!
There is a little parcel of goodies
on its way
to you.
Enjoy :)
Thanks to everyone that stopped by
and left a comment...
maybe I should do another one soon :)
These are some of the gorgeous trims
that I unpacked
at the shop
this week.
There's pretty much
every colour under the sun...
...this is probably my favourite lot...
...but then again...

...there is something to be said for pink :)
A girl can never have too many trims!
See you

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Soft and Sweet

Inspired by the lovely late spring colours
in my garden,
I poked my nose into my sewing room today,
for the first time in weeks.
Was looking for a new stitchy project
in those sweet soft flowery colours.
While I was looking for the bits and pieces
I needed,
I found some extra bits and pieces.
They looked so lovely together,
I thought you might like them too:)
There's a fabulous Woodcutters Daughter screenprint,
gorgeous Cottage Garden threads,
(I know how much you all like these:)
a little linen and lace bag,
and lavender heart
(made by moi),
white French linen,
cute spotty buttons,
and and little spool of delicious pink ribbon.
And besides,
it's been far far too long
since we've had a giveaway :)
if you like the look of this little bundle of treasures,
leave a wee comment here,
or over on my Facebook page,
or leave one on both
and double your chances:)
I'm off to start my stitching:)
See you

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Stitchery Sale

A quick post to let you know,
about the last two days of sale,
over on
The Stitchery's
website -
Not sure if my emailed newsletter has been delivered,
as we are having major hiccups with Orcon,
so thought I would let you know this way.
Check it out -
two more days,
then all finished:)
See you,

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

September's Winner

Just popping in to let you know, ...
the child did the draw last night
the winner is...
Leanne Erbs :)
Thanks so much for all the lovely comments
you left -
it's easy to see that Brenda's patterns,
Cottage Garden threads
are very very popular:)
Probably because they are
I'm off to wrap up a lovely wee parcel,
and take a trip up the road to the Post Office,
to send it on it's way.
I get to play today...
 with Jane's quilt.
Have a lovely day:)

Monday, September 17, 2012

September Giveaway

I'm trying to remember when,
a long long time ago,
that I first saw Brenda Ryan's
beautiful creations.
I do remember that it was not that long after
I opened my shop in Geraldine,
and that it was in a magazine,
and I'm pretty sure
it was a picture of
Fair Rosamund:)
Since then I have stitched many many
of Brenda's designs...
needlecases and

This is Daisy :)
One of my most favourite cushions :)
The centre panel from
"A Measured Stitch".
Gorgeous little decoration,
using Cottage Garden Threads :)

From Jane Austen's quilt.

Another from ''Jane's'' quilt :)
...and one cute little cottage
(just a little bit unfinished yet:)
These are just a few,
there are a gazillion more pics on my 'puter,
but you can see what I mean,
her work is beautiful:)
And what prompted all this is a promise to myself,
that I must finish a couple of unfinished projects.
I have all the stitcheries for
Jane Austen's quilt
sitting neatly in a box
and I have decided  that I must finish the quilt
as it is far too exquisite to be tucked away
in lots of little pieces
inside a box!!
And I've also got to finish the little cottage series.
Made me think,
yeah -
here it comes:)
I have a spare pattern (or two :)
and I thought
time for a pattern and thread giveaway.
I haven't stitched this pattern myself, yet,
but don't worry,
I do have my own copy tucked away:)
So here's the deal
for my September giveaway -
one divine Brenda Ryan pattern,
five fabulous Cottage Garden Threads,
some gorgeous yummy pure French Linen,
and a bit of lace,
of course:)
Just leave a wee comment
or over on my facebook page,
whatever is easiest for you,
or you can even do both,
and then you will have a double chance to win:)
And yes,
all my giveaways are open to overseas friends as well:)
I'm off to sort out the fabrics for
''Jane's'' quilt.
See you later,

Friday, September 7, 2012

''Springie Blue"

Just to let you know,
the winner of the "Springie Blue"
bundle of goodies is...
Lyn S
(who left a facebook comment:)
Yay - Lyn:)
Thanks to all who left a comment,
it was fun:)
I reckon you should
take the day off from chores today,
it's Friday,
and you shouldn't have to do chores on a Friday.
Find a lovely sunny little nook
to sit and stitch a little,
with maybe a cuppa,
and just a smidgen of chocolate.
it's not too early for chocolate,
it's never too early for chocolate:)
See you later,

Monday, September 3, 2012

Divinely Vintage

There are no other words
to perfectly describe
this beautiful length of
Divinely vintage...
... totally delicious....
this really really pretty,
french country inspired
blue floral...
These blues are so fresh,
and I know exactly what I will be doing
with some of this fabric:)
Big squishy cushions for the chairs
on the front verandah,
I think,
maybe a couple,
maybe three.
Plenty left though,
if you'd like some -
I've put them both on my website this morning:)
See you later,

Monday, August 27, 2012

"Springie" Blue Giveaway

Been playing with a few bits and pieces,
waiting for the sun to come out again,
so I can go back to my spring gardening.
I found these,
and wondered if you would like it?
Fresh "springie"
A little packet of fabric,
ribbons and lace,
a hank of Cottage Garden Thread -
shade - tulip
(of course:)
 some little gift tags,
and even a wee packet of seed
from my poppies last year.
The alternative to pottering around,
putting this bundle of bits and bobs together,
No contest really:)
if you think you would like this little parcel
of goodies,
leave a comment here,
or over on my facebook page,
and tell me...
what's the chore that gives you the blues :)
See you in a week
or maybe just a little longer:)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Pink Winner

I forgot.
Sorry :(
To be honest,
I'm not really sure where last week went,
but it did ''went''
and went much too fast,
and I forgot about the pink winner.
before I forget again,
the winner is....

Jo H,

who left a comment here.
Just so I know,
I have the right Jo,
can you email me your address :)
And a parcel of pink
is on it's way
to you:)
And "ta" to all who entered as well.
I'll be back soon with another one,
and I promise
not to foget this time!!
See you

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Anyone for buttons?
Got some yummy new supplies of buttons
last week -
lots of new colours and sizes,
and I'm going to mix 'em all up
and sell 'em
the pound!!

1 lb, 4 oz's
to be exact,
and nope,
haven't got a clue
what that is in metric.
I have a gorgeous old fashioned
set of scales
in pounds and ounces,
and that's how I measure my
flour and sugar,
and other stuff
for baking,
so that's how I've measured the buttons:)
All I can say,
for those that don't know
pounds and ounces,
is that it's
a lot
 of buttons:)
I'll pop these on the website really soon
- tonight -
 they will be on the
''garage sale''
along with lots of other
bits and pieces
that I've added yesterday,
and I'll be adding more
  tomorrow :)

See you at the garage sale:)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

In the Pink:)

I thought that it was time,
for another little giveaway.
The studio room is now closed,
 but don't forget
I'm still trading online here
through my Etsy shop
which you can find over on the sidebar.

This week's giveaway is brought to you
by the colour ...

Pink is for -

... and buttons...


... and pretty teacups ...

...bunnies :)...


... and more flowers :)...

would you like some pink bits and pieces?

If you would,
then all you gotta do is
leave a comment and tell me -
''Pink is for ......"
and I'll be back next week,
maybe Wednesday,
or possibly Friday,
I might even wait until Saturday
Sunday :)
See you then,

Friday, August 3, 2012

The perfect recipe :)

There's been a couple of ''play'' days
this week,
'cos Mother Nature's
been dishing out some cold wet stuff!
So ...
I've been wanting to make these little hearts
for a while -
sort of had them started a while ago,
so it was fun to finish them...

... I honestly truly love making
heart "thingies" ...
well why wouldn't you :)
I have a drawer where I keep my
little plastic templates
of the shapes that I draw
nine out of ten
of them
are hearts!!!
I know,
hard to believe ay:)

 I reckon this is the perfect recipe ...
linens and lace,
and a very cute button:)

And I finished this cushion too ...

... more linen,
more lace,
a little stitchery,
some other ''bits'' and
some very old pure silk fabric
that is amazing to stitch on:)

Looking forward to seeing some of you
Final Day Sale

See you later
Jenny :)

Monday, July 30, 2012

Popping Down to the Studio

Twice in one day,
have I ever done that before ??
Not sure :)
this one is to tell you that
my little ''pop up'' studio will be ''popping down''
a little sooner
that originally planned.
I have to turn the room back into a guest bedroom
sooner rather than later
and there are a few other things on the go
that mean
I don't have quite the same amount of time
to open the studio.
... but ...
I will still be doing my blogs and facebook,
will still be doing the giveaways,
and will still be selling online
through The Stitchery website.
... So ...
this is the final week,
and I'll only be open on Saturday.
Can't do Wednesday, Thursday or Friday :(
Final day is Saturday 4th August
from 10.00 a.m. till 3.00 p.m.
... And ...
it would be rude not to have a Final Day Sale!!
Motivated purely by selfishness -
the more I can sell on Saturday,
the less I have to cart back upstairs:)
If you visit the Studio on Saturday
you'll find sale priced
ribbon and lace,
and other bits and bobs.
All 30% off!!
For those who can't make it in,
 you can shop online
for the same sale prices,
which only seems fair:)
I haven't physically marked all the prices down
on my website,
but I will adjust them at this end
before processing the transaction.
For those of you that know me,
you will also know that I like ''real'' sale prices,
so I'm pretty sure you will be happy with them:)
There are a few exclusions
(Theodora Cleave buttons and booklets,
 linens and interfacing,
some of the Makers Studio finished items
and the quilts and tops),
but in general most other things
 will be discounted.
And free postage on orders over $50.00 :)
If you're not sure about something,
just email or call me
and I'll do my best to get back to you with an answer
as soon as possible.
Some ''stuff'' is in very limited quantities,
so it will definitely be a matter of first come,
first served.

before I go,
just to let you know
that I have just received
beautiful big bundle
Theodora Cleave buttons.
As always,
they are divine.

if you're in the neighbourhood,
maybe I'll see you on Saturday.
Have a great week :)

Winner is...

Did the draw on Friday night,
for the Little Red Giveaway.
The winner is...
Brenda R :)
(who left a comment on Facebook)
Let me know your address,
and I'll pop your
Little Red parcel
in the post :)
Thanks so much to everyone who entered,
it seems that red is a very popular colour:)
What shall the next colour be,
I wonder...
Have a great Monday :)
See you soon,

Friday, July 20, 2012

Little Red Giveway:)

Meant to do this yesterday,
but I forgot!!
I made up this cute little bundle of
red and white
a fat quarter of each,
a gorgeous Crab-apple Hill quilt pattern,
''Winter Sampler'',
and the icing on the cake,
one of Barb's fabulous hearts:)
You want it??
Leave a comment here,
or over on my facebook page,
who knows,
it could be your name
that the child
pulls out of the hat.
(he is open to bribes:))
(just kidding:))

Have a fabulous Friday :)
See you

Thursday, July 19, 2012

New Treats:)

I have two little booklets
to show you.
Barb has designed them -
one is full of the most divine
little stitcheries
and the other has gorgeous
button story designs.
''When a Bird Sings''
This beautiful little booklet is absolutely
packed with stitchery designs.
It's a pocket book style,
15 pages,
with two and three designs on each.
The sweetest little stitcheries,
so simple to stitch in an evening.
I've started some myself...
you can see them over here.
Barb's signed each of the copies I've got,
so if you'd like a ''special'' edition :)
jump on over to the website.

The second booklet
is a Button Story Stitchery Book ...

...9 pages of designs using Barb's beautiful buttons.
Lots of ideas
to spark your creativity
in both of Barb's books.
Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous:)

Back later with a new giveaway:)
See you

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Quilts for sale

It's time for a big cleanout!!
For far too long, now,
I've been storing quilt tops,
thinking that one day I would get round
to finishing them.
Reality check ....
this is just not going to happen,
even if I live to be 100!!!
thought I would flip them onto TradeMe
to see if I could sell them,
and then I thought,
why not try my website first!!
Now I know that all you girls make your own quilts,
so it's a bit like coals to Newcastle,
but I thought,
maybe you know someone who doesn't,
who might like one partly done,
or a finished one, even.
over the next few days
I'll be popping them onto my website
where they will stay for a couple of weeks
to see if there are any takers.
So far I've got 4 tops on,
but there will be finished quilts to come.
Some of the website pics are not so crash hot,
so here's a taste of what's over there...
...this one goes way back to my Geraldine days,
big, bold colours!

...can't remember if I did this one at Geraldine,
or Dunedin,
but it was made to sample
a range of batiks...

...this was a class sample,
from my time here in Dunedin ...

...and this one was also a class sample...

I love this angel quilt,
and I remember the class was so much fun,
it is wasted
in the upstairs cupboards.

There will be more appearing
over the next few days,
so check in every so often.
See you

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Giveaway Winner:)

Jake's just done it!
Drawn the winner, that is,
Barbara of Timaru,
(who left a facebook comment)
will be getting a wee package in the mail
in a couple of days.
Thanks to all who left a comment,
it was great fun reading them.
I'll be back soon,
to do it all again:)
See you

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Today I've been making
some cute little button bags,
'cos I figured there had to be a much prettier way
to sell my buttons,
than in a plain old,
plastic bag!
The buttons arrived at the studio,
in very ordinary plastic bags,
so the first thing I did,
was to fix that ...
'cos you can't see how lovely they are
when they are scrunched up
very ordinary
plastic bags:)
I raided my shelves,
where I keep the old jam jars,
now they look much better :)

That's when I got to thinking about a prettier way
to sell them:)
So I made little bags ...
and I think they do look much nicer
than very ordinary plastic bags :)

Buttons come a very close second
to lace,
for my favourite things.

It's been fun reading
what makes you go weak at the knees :)
Still plenty of time to leave a comment and tell me,
if you haven't done that yet.
See you later