Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What's in the box?

Sometimes when I climb the steps to my house, and dawdle up the path towards the front door, I see a box on the doorstep - well .... no matter what I was planning to do when I got inside, it is no longer relevant! What's in the box? It absolutely has to be opened immediately to reveal it's treasure! And that of course is always followed by a period of patting and stacking, folding and smoothing the treasures - the dusting can wait!!! But sometimes I find the box as I am leaving the house and that, I tell you, is sheer agony, because it's usually as I'm running just a smidgen late to go and pick up the child from school or soccer practice or going to watch his soccer match. And I can't open the box first!!! It's really hard to concentrate on a soccer game when there's a box to be opened!! The sight of a fairly ugly but practical brown cardboard box, all taped up, sitting on the doorstep is enough to banish the wintry gloom. So, this is what the box revealed on Friday....

.... and this....

... and in a smaller, plastic package where these....

... and some of these....

... it's easy to see why I like boxes (and small plastic packages) on the doorstep isn't it. And I've even been super organised and got them onto the website already :)
Keep warm and happy stitching

Monday, May 17, 2010

Stitchery Tote

Just finished this yesterday - it's going to be a little day class on Saturday 26th June - mostly hand-stitching the front panel during the class - but if you are a fast stitcher you will probably also start to put the bag together. There's also a neat little needlecase to go with it. It will be all kitted up, just as you see it here. The full details are on my website.

Off to stitch!


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Scandinavian Christmas

You know how much I've been raving on about this gorgeous quilt....

... Lynette Anderson's fabulous "Scandinavian Christmas". Well, finally I've put together a kit of fabrics for the quilt top. I have a very limited number of the kits, and am just about to pop them on my website, under the Block of the Month page.

Nice, don't you think. Of course that means I absolutely have to start stitching mine now - have been meaning to start for a few weeks but you know how it goes sometimes. I get sidetracked by one of the other dozen or so projects on the go!!! So now that I have my own little ''kit'' of the fabrics, it is far too tempting not to start.
Maybe now...
See you later :))

Sunday, May 2, 2010

...and now...

Mattress mission accomplished - it went exactly according to prediction - why don't they build mattresses with handles!!! Or at the very least, with less slippery fabric. It really was a bit of a giggle, but we got there and it is now tucked away in the loft for winter. So, I've spent the past week loading up the studio, arranging and rearranging until I got something that ''worked'', and playing with some of the new fabrics along the way. This is what it's looking like now ...
It's a pretty little room - am really happy with how it looks and feels. It's got nice vibes! Course that could have something to do with the fact that it's full of fabrics that I love...

This is a new range from Moda - called "Looking Back" - it's got a real country feel to it - gorgeous blues, tans and reds - been a while since I've 'done' country, but I was tempted when shown these fabrics - quite yummy patterns and colours. I've also been playing with some very very very nice new fabrics from another Moda range called ''Evening Mist'' - the softest gentlest colours ever. I'll show you next post 'cos I should have it finished by then.

Here's a couple of new patterns that arrived this week - this from Simone Gooding who designs under the name of "May Blossom". I've not had Simone's patterns before - isn't this gorgeous!

This is another of Simone's patterns - so beautiful.

And this is Marg Low's lovely little Sweet Heart Birdie pattern - very sweet indeed!There's plenty more to come but that's my lot for today - have got birdies wings to bead, and strips of fabric to stitch.

Happy stitching