Monday, May 28, 2012

Endy Bits

I've got it all rolled and sorted now ...

... apart from these bits,
lovely little endy bits,
that I've popped into bags
by the handful...

As I was bagging them up,
I thought about trying something super simple,
involving the card,
slightly enlarged,
and some strips of endy bits,
and a fabulous frame that I got for a ''steal''
that's been sitting around for a while, now,
just waiting for me
to do something
with it.

I like it ...
it's pretty :)

The bags of endy bits are over here -
they're really pretty endy bits too :)
See you

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Vintage Lace

Oh my goodness!
Look what I found this week ...

... and this is just a small part of it.
When I first saw all this gorgeous
amazingly divine
it was all scrunched up
in a great big box.
It was just a great big mess, but...
well ... honestly,
my heart nearly stopped,
I could not believe what I had found,
the biggest stash of vintage lace I'd ever ever seen :)
Had to have it,
no matter what.
It had to be rescued,
and folded,
and pressed,
and rolled into lovely little bundles.
It's taken me the best part of two days to do that,
but what a way to while away the hours.
And as I rolled and folded,
I smiled,
as each lace unfolded itself,
and showed it's pattern,
some you would never guess until they were pressed,
and they are truly beautiful.

I found this old pattern in the box,
along with a pair of crocheted gloves ...

... check out the date,
25th May 1946!
That's 66 years ago,
and I'm guessing that most of the lace is from around that time,
and some I would say is even a little older.

Over the next couple of weeks,
I'll pop as much as I can on the web,
so if you love vintage lace
as much as I do,
then pop over there
and have a wee look :)
Pretty sure you will like what you see:)
I'll be playing with lace again tomorrow,
it's a tough old job,
but someone's got to do it :)
See you

Monday, May 21, 2012

The first week :)

Week one,
and wasn't it fun:)
So good to see lots of familiar faces,
thanks so much for visiting.
It was such a chilly old week down this way
I didn't expect many to be brave enough
to venture out ...
but you did,
so thank you again :)

Have decided to put some of my bits and bobs
on the website,
'cos some of you from out of town
were wondering ... :)
You can flip through to the web
over on the side bar,
some of it's there now,
some will be added as I go.
Some are one off items,
'specially the cushion covers.

No two are the same,
and I'll only be doing a few of each design,
'cos there always seems to be another one in my minds eye
that I want to try :)

See you next week :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Up and running

First day of the studio ...
and it was fun :)
Like to see??

We're open each week
 on Wednesday,Thursday,Friday and
from 10.00 a.m. until 3.00 p.m.
If you're coming to Dunedin,
pop on up for a visit :)
See you
Jenny :)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Setting Up #2

Fabrics ...

... buttons ...

... lavender hearts ...

... and a bit more fabric...

 Waiting for the sun
to sneak round to the back of the house,
which is about an hour away I reckon,
and then me and my paintbrush will be spending
a bit of quality time together -
I have to make and paint some signs -
the making part was easy,
'cos I've got the building stuff under control :)))
but the painting of words,
and things...
definitely not looking forward to that.
Just as well I'm only slapping on
some undercoat today,
and I can think about the rest
a bit more.
Maybe I can google signwriting templates!!

It is the most gloriously
blue sky day
 today ...

... might just take a cuppa out to the front,
sit in the sun,
think about not much and a bit of everything,
and wait for the sun to take it's time
to move to the back yard.
See you later

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Setting Up #1

Little lavender bags ...

... sweet ballerinas...

... and linen and lace coathangers.

Back soon with more to show :)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Little by little ...

cleared out the front bedroom of all it's furniture,
took down the curtains,
and started to move in what I need to ''make'' the studio...

...playing around with furniture,
getting it right ...

... and little by little,
it will come together this week,
filled with lots of little pretties,
threads and fabrics,
vintage and new,
linens and lace
and whatever else that takes my fancy.

Back soon,