Monday, August 27, 2012

"Springie" Blue Giveaway

Been playing with a few bits and pieces,
waiting for the sun to come out again,
so I can go back to my spring gardening.
I found these,
and wondered if you would like it?
Fresh "springie"
A little packet of fabric,
ribbons and lace,
a hank of Cottage Garden Thread -
shade - tulip
(of course:)
 some little gift tags,
and even a wee packet of seed
from my poppies last year.
The alternative to pottering around,
putting this bundle of bits and bobs together,
No contest really:)
if you think you would like this little parcel
of goodies,
leave a comment here,
or over on my facebook page,
and tell me...
what's the chore that gives you the blues :)
See you in a week
or maybe just a little longer:)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Pink Winner

I forgot.
Sorry :(
To be honest,
I'm not really sure where last week went,
but it did ''went''
and went much too fast,
and I forgot about the pink winner.
before I forget again,
the winner is....

Jo H,

who left a comment here.
Just so I know,
I have the right Jo,
can you email me your address :)
And a parcel of pink
is on it's way
to you:)
And "ta" to all who entered as well.
I'll be back soon with another one,
and I promise
not to foget this time!!
See you

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Anyone for buttons?
Got some yummy new supplies of buttons
last week -
lots of new colours and sizes,
and I'm going to mix 'em all up
and sell 'em
the pound!!

1 lb, 4 oz's
to be exact,
and nope,
haven't got a clue
what that is in metric.
I have a gorgeous old fashioned
set of scales
in pounds and ounces,
and that's how I measure my
flour and sugar,
and other stuff
for baking,
so that's how I've measured the buttons:)
All I can say,
for those that don't know
pounds and ounces,
is that it's
a lot
 of buttons:)
I'll pop these on the website really soon
- tonight -
 they will be on the
''garage sale''
along with lots of other
bits and pieces
that I've added yesterday,
and I'll be adding more
  tomorrow :)

See you at the garage sale:)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

In the Pink:)

I thought that it was time,
for another little giveaway.
The studio room is now closed,
 but don't forget
I'm still trading online here
through my Etsy shop
which you can find over on the sidebar.

This week's giveaway is brought to you
by the colour ...

Pink is for -

... and buttons...


... and pretty teacups ...

...bunnies :)...


... and more flowers :)...

would you like some pink bits and pieces?

If you would,
then all you gotta do is
leave a comment and tell me -
''Pink is for ......"
and I'll be back next week,
maybe Wednesday,
or possibly Friday,
I might even wait until Saturday
Sunday :)
See you then,

Friday, August 3, 2012

The perfect recipe :)

There's been a couple of ''play'' days
this week,
'cos Mother Nature's
been dishing out some cold wet stuff!
So ...
I've been wanting to make these little hearts
for a while -
sort of had them started a while ago,
so it was fun to finish them...

... I honestly truly love making
heart "thingies" ...
well why wouldn't you :)
I have a drawer where I keep my
little plastic templates
of the shapes that I draw
nine out of ten
of them
are hearts!!!
I know,
hard to believe ay:)

 I reckon this is the perfect recipe ...
linens and lace,
and a very cute button:)

And I finished this cushion too ...

... more linen,
more lace,
a little stitchery,
some other ''bits'' and
some very old pure silk fabric
that is amazing to stitch on:)

Looking forward to seeing some of you
Final Day Sale

See you later
Jenny :)