Thursday, May 13, 2010

Scandinavian Christmas

You know how much I've been raving on about this gorgeous quilt....

... Lynette Anderson's fabulous "Scandinavian Christmas". Well, finally I've put together a kit of fabrics for the quilt top. I have a very limited number of the kits, and am just about to pop them on my website, under the Block of the Month page.

Nice, don't you think. Of course that means I absolutely have to start stitching mine now - have been meaning to start for a few weeks but you know how it goes sometimes. I get sidetracked by one of the other dozen or so projects on the go!!! So now that I have my own little ''kit'' of the fabrics, it is far too tempting not to start.
Maybe now...
See you later :))

1 comment:

Chris from WI/USA said...

What beautiful work & I just love to hand stitch also, so breat taking! I have 3 close best friends friends & am looking for a stitchery that shows 4 women that I can stitch do you have any ideas?