Friday, September 7, 2012

''Springie Blue"

Just to let you know,
the winner of the "Springie Blue"
bundle of goodies is...
Lyn S
(who left a facebook comment:)
Yay - Lyn:)
Thanks to all who left a comment,
it was fun:)
I reckon you should
take the day off from chores today,
it's Friday,
and you shouldn't have to do chores on a Friday.
Find a lovely sunny little nook
to sit and stitch a little,
with maybe a cuppa,
and just a smidgen of chocolate.
it's not too early for chocolate,
it's never too early for chocolate:)
See you later,


Leeanne said...

Congrats Lyn!! You will love what Jenny sends you!
garden looking there chocolate cake at your house?
I made chocolate brownie....I only got one piece!!!

hylda said...

Well done Lyn, Jenny's [arcel are always lovely.
How is your garden looking so pretty, some tips please.