Sunday, November 18, 2012

Christmas Goodies

I need to do a little Christmas stitching.
It's not too late, is it??
I'm thinking it might be,
but if I don't finish it this Christmas,
there's always another one:)
Was thinking you might like some Christmas goodies as well.
I had so much fun putting this bundle together.
There's  a couple of bits of fabric
 and a beautiful little piece
of spotted linen,
a chunk of red French General cotton sack cloth
(it's a bit hidden under the other stuff),
 lots of ribbons,
Christmas stitchery cards
and a quilt pattern.
There's a wee red felt pocket
and some pearl cotton.
Cute little gift cards,
and a gorgeous fabulous
Theodora Cleave "angel" decoration!

I love Christmas
and all the bits and pieces that go with it:)
Love to give these away:)
So, if you like,
leave a wee comment
and who knows,
they could be yours:)

See you,
Jenny :)



Bev C said...

Hello Jenny,

Christmas is such a lovely season, so much happiness everywhere. Thanks for the chance to enter your giveaway.
happy days.

theholdens said...

Jenny - a red Christmas giveaway - what more could a girl want.
Thanks....and keep stitching.

Michelle said...

Great giveaway... thanks you for the opportunity to win something so sweet...:O)

Leeanne said...

Thanks for the chance chickie! I love your goodies, no matter if I buy them....or better yet WIN them!!!!xxxxxx..........that's my fingers crossed!

hylda said...

Christmas tis the season of kindness and goodwill, you have both Jenny, thank you for the chance of winning the give away, such a lovely package.
Hope all is well

Simone de Klerk said...

Would love to win these gorgeous Christmas things. So inspiring.
Good luck with all your Christmas preparations.

Sunnybec said...

Love that picture, it is so Christmassy!!

Julie said...

What a lovely Christmas giveaway. You must have so much fun fossicking through your stash to make these up for us.
Hope all is going well with the new job. Thanks for the chance.

Chris K said...

Christmas is my most favourite time of year ... can't wait for Dec 1st to come so I can get the tree up ....

so your goodies are timely ... with all the lovely Xmas things ...

fabric and an angel ... and bits and pieces ... who wouldn't appreciate this ...

many thanks for the giveaway ...

Chris K Wellington ... :)

Michelle said...

Spreading the Christmas cheer !!!! Gorgeous giveaway-thanks for the chance.

barb's creations said...

I'm probably too late to enter the giveaway but just wanted to say I love everything Christmas and I love what you've put together :) Barb.

Anonymous said...

I can't go for more than a week without stitching or creating something, it is very restful - yes even struggling with a new stitch or a colour that just does not look 'right'.

Priscilla said...

Gorgeous stitching!! I always think I'll get stitching for Christmas early on in the year........but always leave it to the last miniute!