Wednesday, September 26, 2012

September's Winner

Just popping in to let you know, ...
the child did the draw last night
the winner is...
Leanne Erbs :)
Thanks so much for all the lovely comments
you left -
it's easy to see that Brenda's patterns,
Cottage Garden threads
are very very popular:)
Probably because they are
I'm off to wrap up a lovely wee parcel,
and take a trip up the road to the Post Office,
to send it on it's way.
I get to play today...
 with Jane's quilt.
Have a lovely day:)

Monday, September 17, 2012

September Giveaway

I'm trying to remember when,
a long long time ago,
that I first saw Brenda Ryan's
beautiful creations.
I do remember that it was not that long after
I opened my shop in Geraldine,
and that it was in a magazine,
and I'm pretty sure
it was a picture of
Fair Rosamund:)
Since then I have stitched many many
of Brenda's designs...
needlecases and

This is Daisy :)
One of my most favourite cushions :)
The centre panel from
"A Measured Stitch".
Gorgeous little decoration,
using Cottage Garden Threads :)

From Jane Austen's quilt.

Another from ''Jane's'' quilt :)
...and one cute little cottage
(just a little bit unfinished yet:)
These are just a few,
there are a gazillion more pics on my 'puter,
but you can see what I mean,
her work is beautiful:)
And what prompted all this is a promise to myself,
that I must finish a couple of unfinished projects.
I have all the stitcheries for
Jane Austen's quilt
sitting neatly in a box
and I have decided  that I must finish the quilt
as it is far too exquisite to be tucked away
in lots of little pieces
inside a box!!
And I've also got to finish the little cottage series.
Made me think,
yeah -
here it comes:)
I have a spare pattern (or two :)
and I thought
time for a pattern and thread giveaway.
I haven't stitched this pattern myself, yet,
but don't worry,
I do have my own copy tucked away:)
So here's the deal
for my September giveaway -
one divine Brenda Ryan pattern,
five fabulous Cottage Garden Threads,
some gorgeous yummy pure French Linen,
and a bit of lace,
of course:)
Just leave a wee comment
or over on my facebook page,
whatever is easiest for you,
or you can even do both,
and then you will have a double chance to win:)
And yes,
all my giveaways are open to overseas friends as well:)
I'm off to sort out the fabrics for
''Jane's'' quilt.
See you later,

Friday, September 7, 2012

''Springie Blue"

Just to let you know,
the winner of the "Springie Blue"
bundle of goodies is...
Lyn S
(who left a facebook comment:)
Yay - Lyn:)
Thanks to all who left a comment,
it was fun:)
I reckon you should
take the day off from chores today,
it's Friday,
and you shouldn't have to do chores on a Friday.
Find a lovely sunny little nook
to sit and stitch a little,
with maybe a cuppa,
and just a smidgen of chocolate.
it's not too early for chocolate,
it's never too early for chocolate:)
See you later,

Monday, September 3, 2012

Divinely Vintage

There are no other words
to perfectly describe
this beautiful length of
Divinely vintage...
... totally delicious....
this really really pretty,
french country inspired
blue floral...
These blues are so fresh,
and I know exactly what I will be doing
with some of this fabric:)
Big squishy cushions for the chairs
on the front verandah,
I think,
maybe a couple,
maybe three.
Plenty left though,
if you'd like some -
I've put them both on my website this morning:)
See you later,