Thursday, July 12, 2012

Quilts for sale

It's time for a big cleanout!!
For far too long, now,
I've been storing quilt tops,
thinking that one day I would get round
to finishing them.
Reality check ....
this is just not going to happen,
even if I live to be 100!!!
thought I would flip them onto TradeMe
to see if I could sell them,
and then I thought,
why not try my website first!!
Now I know that all you girls make your own quilts,
so it's a bit like coals to Newcastle,
but I thought,
maybe you know someone who doesn't,
who might like one partly done,
or a finished one, even.
over the next few days
I'll be popping them onto my website
where they will stay for a couple of weeks
to see if there are any takers.
So far I've got 4 tops on,
but there will be finished quilts to come.
Some of the website pics are not so crash hot,
so here's a taste of what's over there...
...this one goes way back to my Geraldine days,
big, bold colours!

...can't remember if I did this one at Geraldine,
or Dunedin,
but it was made to sample
a range of batiks...

...this was a class sample,
from my time here in Dunedin ...

...and this one was also a class sample...

I love this angel quilt,
and I remember the class was so much fun,
it is wasted
in the upstairs cupboards.

There will be more appearing
over the next few days,
so check in every so often.
See you


Cherie said...

OOh your quilts are just gorgeous Jenny. I am amazed that you are willing to part with them, after all the hard work that has gone into making them.
Look forward to another catch up in the near future!
Regards Cherie :-)

hylda said...

Beautiful quilts Jenny, so talented. You have such a way of putting colours together,