Monday, May 28, 2012

Endy Bits

I've got it all rolled and sorted now ...

... apart from these bits,
lovely little endy bits,
that I've popped into bags
by the handful...

As I was bagging them up,
I thought about trying something super simple,
involving the card,
slightly enlarged,
and some strips of endy bits,
and a fabulous frame that I got for a ''steal''
that's been sitting around for a while, now,
just waiting for me
to do something
with it.

I like it ...
it's pretty :)

The bags of endy bits are over here -
they're really pretty endy bits too :)
See you


By Hoki Quilts said...

OK you have my full attention - those cards are just gorgeous - did you make them or do they come from some magical place???

Leeanne said...

They do seem magical! Love it all! The framed number is cool.

theodora said...

Love all the lace Jenny, it is gorgeous !
Do you sell the mittens ?????
I just love them, they look so posh as so warm I guess with lovely NZ sheep's wool ?
Love Barb