Thursday, May 24, 2012

Vintage Lace

Oh my goodness!
Look what I found this week ...

... and this is just a small part of it.
When I first saw all this gorgeous
amazingly divine
it was all scrunched up
in a great big box.
It was just a great big mess, but...
well ... honestly,
my heart nearly stopped,
I could not believe what I had found,
the biggest stash of vintage lace I'd ever ever seen :)
Had to have it,
no matter what.
It had to be rescued,
and folded,
and pressed,
and rolled into lovely little bundles.
It's taken me the best part of two days to do that,
but what a way to while away the hours.
And as I rolled and folded,
I smiled,
as each lace unfolded itself,
and showed it's pattern,
some you would never guess until they were pressed,
and they are truly beautiful.

I found this old pattern in the box,
along with a pair of crocheted gloves ...

... check out the date,
25th May 1946!
That's 66 years ago,
and I'm guessing that most of the lace is from around that time,
and some I would say is even a little older.

Over the next couple of weeks,
I'll pop as much as I can on the web,
so if you love vintage lace
as much as I do,
then pop over there
and have a wee look :)
Pretty sure you will like what you see:)
I'll be playing with lace again tomorrow,
it's a tough old job,
but someone's got to do it :)
See you


Leeanne said...

I should think you will have a tough time parting with it all! I see some more of your lovely cushion covers here. Will you have a go at making the gloves?

Elizabeth said...

What gorgeous lace. Love the gloves. Interesting to see the date and 1946. My late parents were married in Nov 1946. Wish I could see the lace in person though.

brandy1 said...

Oh Jenny, you lucky girl. What heaven. I love lace and also have lots and lots of it. When I saw your pictures and your description I thought "about time to sort yours out girly and have them looking good on shabby chic bobbins of some description" so will do that on a cold foggy day.(we get those hear in the Waikato!) I wish I could see your studio, I'm sure it is beautiful.Happy lace winding Shirley