Sunday, May 13, 2012

Setting Up #2

Fabrics ...

... buttons ...

... lavender hearts ...

... and a bit more fabric...

 Waiting for the sun
to sneak round to the back of the house,
which is about an hour away I reckon,
and then me and my paintbrush will be spending
a bit of quality time together -
I have to make and paint some signs -
the making part was easy,
'cos I've got the building stuff under control :)))
but the painting of words,
and things...
definitely not looking forward to that.
Just as well I'm only slapping on
some undercoat today,
and I can think about the rest
a bit more.
Maybe I can google signwriting templates!!

It is the most gloriously
blue sky day
 today ...

... might just take a cuppa out to the front,
sit in the sun,
think about not much and a bit of everything,
and wait for the sun to take it's time
to move to the back yard.
See you later


Leeanne said...

Looking fabulous! I love the little tags/labels, presuming you made them!
Are they really vintage buttons?
It is a lovely sunny day here as well.

Deb said...

Jenny, I feel I will have to talk Bill into bringing me down for a visit when you are open during the winter. I would so love to actually meet you and see you gorgeous home in all its glory if at all possible.
You are making some gorgeous things.

brandy1 said...

Hello Jenny, Your blog gets more beautiful each time I visit. So enticing. I do hope I may get down your way some time and visit you. I love those gorgeous "bobbins". Shirley