Monday, May 21, 2012

The first week :)

Week one,
and wasn't it fun:)
So good to see lots of familiar faces,
thanks so much for visiting.
It was such a chilly old week down this way
I didn't expect many to be brave enough
to venture out ...
but you did,
so thank you again :)

Have decided to put some of my bits and bobs
on the website,
'cos some of you from out of town
were wondering ... :)
You can flip through to the web
over on the side bar,
some of it's there now,
some will be added as I go.
Some are one off items,
'specially the cushion covers.

No two are the same,
and I'll only be doing a few of each design,
'cos there always seems to be another one in my minds eye
that I want to try :)

See you next week :)


Elizabeth said...

So pleased your first week went well. Love the cushion and little bag.

Leeanne said...

looking great chickie!