Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Just plain gorgeous:)

Oh my goodness,
look what arrived today!
This ...

... and this ...

I'm pretty excited to see these fabrics,
'cos I've been waiting ever so patiently for them :)
There are supposed to be a few more coming as well,
just not entirely sure where they have gone,
but I do hope they turn up???
for now,
I will play with these,
and they sure do bring a smile
to my face
on an exceptionally
day down here in the south.
Want a closer look at them ....

These fabrics are truly divine -
they have that linen look
which is just plain gorgeous :)
I'm not greedy,
(except when it comes to chocolate!)
I'll make the ultimate sacrifice!!!
I will share :)
I've popped them on the web,
but I gotta be honest here,
I did whack a small piece off each of them for moi first!!!
Nah ... that's a big fat lie -
they're not small pieces,
as if:)
You didn't believe that anyway,
did you!
But there is still enough left to share :)
If you hurry :)
Before I change my mind :)
My great giddy aunt
it is so chilly down here today
that coffee and chocolate is just not going to sort it!
Think I will go stand by the fire for a little while
and ponder ....
See you


Elizabeth said...

ove that floral fabric. It reminds me so much of Sanderson Fabric range. my cousin had a lounge suite in it and lasted for years. She loved it so much she got it recovered in the same

hylda said...

So tempting, stunning fabric, can't wait to see the others when they turn up. SOOOOOOOO tempting

Donna Hone said...

love it, would make a great hand bag!!