Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Roses and lace

I've just started to sort through another box
of my gorgeous vintage lace.
Had the ironing board set up
in the studio,
and was randomly pulling out
scrunched up pieces of lace from the box.
You could not tell what they were going to look like
until pressed.
weird as this is going to sound,
this lace really does make me go
weak at the knees :)
Some of these pieces are nothing short of

This box of lace was definitely the messiest
so I left it alone
until I felt in the right mood
for a spot of ironing...
seems like the best was left to the last...

... in amongst the lace
were some sweet little treasures...

... so, on a bit of a roll with antiquey stuff,
I've found some gorgeous old rose print fabrics
that I've popped into the studio ...

Last weeks giveaway was fun wasn't it:)
I've closed if off, now,
and later tonight
I'll pop all the names into a hat
and the child will pull out a winner.
Be back tomorrow with the name :)
Right now I'm off to pull some more lace
out of the box
and see what delights
See you


Leeanne said...

You've got the tough life there Jenny......ironing, sorting, touching, dreaming.....pure pleasure, all from some old lace! I have a massive draw full of the stuff & love to get it out from time to time to play.

Elizabeth said...

I agree with Leanne you do have a tough job, but, hey, someone has to do it. I really want to come down and play. Enjoy

hylda said...

That lace is beautiful, really I do not envy you your job, really I don't all that touching seeing feeling, discovering, really I do not envy you (sais me with fingers crossed)

Simone de Klerk said...

Lovely lace! Ah, I missed the giveaway. Well, I did get the chance to see the beauties (o: