Friday, June 29, 2012

Another one? :)

last week I told you about
one of the things that made me go
weak at the knees :)
There are a couple of other things
that have a similar effect,
but hey,
a girl's gotta have some secrets :)
got me thinking...
it's kinda fun giving ''stuff'' away,
so I'd love to do it again,
and this time
all you gotta do
is leave a comment
or there,
or over on my facebook page,
it doesn't matter,
and tell us
what makes you go weak at the knees :)

The child will do the honours again,
in about a weeks' time.
See you
Jenny :)


Michelle said...

Rusty things make me go weak at the knees as well as fabric, rolling pins, butter churns, buttons, doilies, antique irons, antique sewing machines! These are a few!!! Have a great weekend, Michelle.

hylda said...

Fabric fabric all things like that.
Honestly though I have to say, my children and husband still give make me weak at the knees. Happiness and seeing others happy to, smiles from children, so much more. To long to listm but waking up to another lovely day and wondering what it has in store and of course more fabric . Have a wonderful day and thanks again to Jenny

Deb said...

At this time of year Jen, its lovely fresh flannelette sheets on the bed already to snuggle down into to keep warm. And the big fluffy duvet or quilt on the top of course!!

Rowena said...

easy answer ... Hugh Jackman!!! lol - smiles from your sis :)

carole brungar said...

Have to say hugs with my daughter and packages in the mail box!!

Actually compassion, chocolate, Colin Firth, vintage fabric, an open fire, and thinking of friends.

Could keep going actually but don't want to hog your comment page! lol

Jo H said...

My husband and children make my heart go flutter always, first and foremost, but then lovely fabric, old china, beautiful books, roses in the garden .... and I agree with Deb, flannelette sheets and a cosy duvet!

TinaD said...

Michael Buble makes me go week at the knees :-) TinaD

Simone de Klerk said...

Weak at the knees - a beautiful love story movie like the Horse Whisperer or Gone with the Wind or Australia etc etc

theholdens said...

My list would defintely include all the things already listed in the other girls comments!!! Although I did notice that walking up the hill my with my new Golden Labrador - Jade - my knees were growing weaker as the climb kept going and going!!! Does that count????

Julie said...

George Clooney makes me weak at the knees.

hylda said...

I have to say that "theholdens" you really made me laugh, I think that the comment wins the day.

Barb said...

The things that make me go weak at the knees is fabric, lace, and beautiful things! I am inspired by all things stitching and love trying out new things. Love my Pinterest board too!

brandy1 said...

Mine would be ditto of the holden's!! and my grandchildren. But also "silk",. Have always loved silk and also the word itself.Antique laces, buttons and colour pink. Shirley

Leanne said...

A new born baby, my daughters achievements, the smile on my partners face when his old motorbikes come to life, vintage handworked linens, old sewing machines and accessories and vintage haberdashery makes me go weak at the knees.