Sunday, June 3, 2012

Really Pretty Pillowcases

Lately I've been seeing some absolutely fabulous pictures
of really pretty pillowcases
on some of the blogs I love to read.
A simple but oh so pretty
crochet edging has been added,
and plain pillowcases
are not so plain any more.
So I thought,
I would like to have a go at that,
so I did,
and this is what I got...

I've made these to sell in the studio,
but I think I have to make some more,
for me:)
Think I might make a start now.
Where's my hook?

The other night I lost my hook,
and without any exaggeration I looked for it for nearly an hour,
until it got too late
and I conceded defeat.
So I trundled upstairs to my bed,
quite annoyed with myself for somehow misplacing the hook,
and as I took off my slippers,
which are the long ugg boot type of thing
(hey - a girl's gotta wear whatever it takes
to keep her feet warm
in a Dunners winter:)
lo and behold,
what fell out,
the hook of course.
I had turned the lounge
upside down and inside out looking for that hook,
and all the while it was safely tucked
inside my slippers!!!
I will not repeat here
the thoughts that went through my mind
at that particular point in time :)
So where is my hook again?
See you later

1 comment:

hylda said...

I had to laugh, I can imagine what you said.
Keep warm.