Monday, August 20, 2012

Pink Winner

I forgot.
Sorry :(
To be honest,
I'm not really sure where last week went,
but it did ''went''
and went much too fast,
and I forgot about the pink winner.
before I forget again,
the winner is....

Jo H,

who left a comment here.
Just so I know,
I have the right Jo,
can you email me your address :)
And a parcel of pink
is on it's way
to you:)
And "ta" to all who entered as well.
I'll be back soon with another one,
and I promise
not to foget this time!!
See you


Leeanne said...

Congratulations Jo!!

Jo H said...

Thanks - I'm grinning - great way to begin a Monday evening!

hylda said...

I am sure you will enjoy your package Jo, congratulations