Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Anyone for buttons?
Got some yummy new supplies of buttons
last week -
lots of new colours and sizes,
and I'm going to mix 'em all up
and sell 'em
the pound!!

1 lb, 4 oz's
to be exact,
and nope,
haven't got a clue
what that is in metric.
I have a gorgeous old fashioned
set of scales
in pounds and ounces,
and that's how I measure my
flour and sugar,
and other stuff
for baking,
so that's how I've measured the buttons:)
All I can say,
for those that don't know
pounds and ounces,
is that it's
a lot
 of buttons:)
I'll pop these on the website really soon
- tonight -
 they will be on the
''garage sale''
along with lots of other
bits and pieces
that I've added yesterday,
and I'll be adding more
  tomorrow :)

See you at the garage sale:)


hylda said...

Lovely, Lovely buttons, I have ordered some and of coursw the garage sale was very tempting and I don't resist temptation.
Thanks Jenny

Leeanne said...

There is some truly scrumptious about buttons!