Wednesday, August 8, 2012

In the Pink:)

I thought that it was time,
for another little giveaway.
The studio room is now closed,
 but don't forget
I'm still trading online here
through my Etsy shop
which you can find over on the sidebar.

This week's giveaway is brought to you
by the colour ...

Pink is for -

... and buttons...


... and pretty teacups ...

...bunnies :)...


... and more flowers :)...

would you like some pink bits and pieces?

If you would,
then all you gotta do is
leave a comment and tell me -
''Pink is for ......"
and I'll be back next week,
maybe Wednesday,
or possibly Friday,
I might even wait until Saturday
Sunday :)
See you then,


Alex said...

Sunny girly days..... when you need to feel feminine and free...

Love your blogs BTW - just new to them and am enjoying going back and seeing what you are working on.


Bev C said...


Well, Pink is for me, I just love pink. Most of the roses in my garden are pink.

Happy days.

Jo H said...

Pink - Our washing line when Emma was about 3 weeks old - it was weighed down with every possible shade of pink - oh and pink is also for the marshmallow on my mocha from Nectar cafe!

Simone de Klerk said...

Pink is for making me smile, feeling happy and getting inspired.
Best giveaway (((o:

Lesley said...

Pink is for everything, I love pink, everything in my house is pink, got to feel sorry for my husband,haha, Lesley

Anonymous said...

Pink is for cheeks after a walk with the dog on one of these chilly mornings!

Cherie said...

"Pink is for....Homemade cushions filled with frills and girly ruffles to decorate the bunk beds of my two wee girls who are going to be big sisters....and who are very excited!"

Have a great day Jenny :-)

clare's craftroom said...

Pink is for ...pleasure !
Hi Jen I hope all is going well x

hylda said...

Driving to work and seeing the streets lined with trees that are full of pink blossom and realise that SPRING is nearly here.
Again Jenny thank you for the lovely kindness that you show

Pauline said...

Pink - is for those little rose bud lips