Friday, August 3, 2012

The perfect recipe :)

There's been a couple of ''play'' days
this week,
'cos Mother Nature's
been dishing out some cold wet stuff!
So ...
I've been wanting to make these little hearts
for a while -
sort of had them started a while ago,
so it was fun to finish them...

... I honestly truly love making
heart "thingies" ...
well why wouldn't you :)
I have a drawer where I keep my
little plastic templates
of the shapes that I draw
nine out of ten
of them
are hearts!!!
I know,
hard to believe ay:)

 I reckon this is the perfect recipe ...
linens and lace,
and a very cute button:)

And I finished this cushion too ...

... more linen,
more lace,
a little stitchery,
some other ''bits'' and
some very old pure silk fabric
that is amazing to stitch on:)

Looking forward to seeing some of you
Final Day Sale

See you later
Jenny :)


Leeanne said...

Love the wee hearts too! Glad you have had some play time.
Good luck tomorrow. I might have to reply to your email when I get back from my road trip.

Simone de Klerk said...

Beautiful details on your work!
Have a happy weekend.

Elizabeth said...

The hearts are absolutely gorgeous. I wonder why so many of us love hearts. I seem to put a heart in some way on every quilt, even if it is a heart quilted in each corner.