Monday, August 27, 2012

"Springie" Blue Giveaway

Been playing with a few bits and pieces,
waiting for the sun to come out again,
so I can go back to my spring gardening.
I found these,
and wondered if you would like it?
Fresh "springie"
A little packet of fabric,
ribbons and lace,
a hank of Cottage Garden Thread -
shade - tulip
(of course:)
 some little gift tags,
and even a wee packet of seed
from my poppies last year.
The alternative to pottering around,
putting this bundle of bits and bobs together,
No contest really:)
if you think you would like this little parcel
of goodies,
leave a comment here,
or over on my facebook page,
and tell me...
what's the chore that gives you the blues :)
See you in a week
or maybe just a little longer:)


Bev C said...

Hello Jenny,

Love the Spring goodies. Love gardening too, but hate it when the ironing needs doing. I don't mind ironing when sewing but piles of clothes just doesn't have the same appeal.

Happy days.

Michelle said...

Such Happy fabrics...:O) It would be nice to potter out in the garden today but it's pouring with rain here(in the 'Naki') I have just planted out some Poppies in seed trays...:O)

DebMac said...

Thanks for being able to tell you what makes me "blue".
Cleaning my oven, just makes me "blue"
Messy and very smelly.

Leanne Erbs said...

This little bundle of good ies makes me very happy but cleaning the bathroom gives me the "blues". I often wonder how a room that we use to make us clean can get so dirty!

Cath said...

I love the springie blue giveaway but are you open to international entries? If I was lucky enough to win, I would not be able to accept the seeds :( due to import laws.
Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

hylda said...

Those blues are lovely and poppies I adore.
What chores give me the blues, there are so many but my worst is cleaning shoes, a job I hate, I have even been known to put them in the washing machine if they are muddy I hate the job so much, Which is really quite funny as I work in a shoe shop.
Thank you again Jenny for the chance at another lovely give away.

Simone de Klerk said...

Amuch better choice than vacuming, putting these lovely bits together. It says sunshine and brightness all over!

Sunnybec said...

50 recomoEVERYTHING!!! But if I have to pick one I would say windows, hate cleaning windows and we have quite a few,(15) and two patio doors!! multiply that by two for inside and out! Yuk. Thanks for the giveaway. Linda

brandy1 said...

Love your spring blue giveaway Jenny. I HATE DUSTING. Have to do it though, if left looks dreadful.It's very "springey" up here in the Waikato.Shirley

Anonymous said...

Oh love that thread! What gives me the blues - not having enough time to stitch and create!
Loved the garening weather on Sunday. Alison C

Julie said...

What a lovely giveaway - cleaning the bathroom would have to be the chore that gives me the blues.

Saar said...

Love the 'Blues' always been my favourite colour. Hate cleaning the oven, but it so needs it.

Lynette said...

Hi Jenny,
Cleaning the shower gives me the "Blues", but also enjoy gardening. Love the springtime, with all the surprize bulbs flowering.

Mummy and Me Stitching said...

Hello Jenny
What a beautiful bundle of fabric. Blue is my absolute favourite. What really gives me 'the blues' is having such a big workload that after coming home and having dinner I sit down at the computer and start typing again in the evening just to keep on top of it all, when I'd so much rather be doing some sewing.